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Personalised Funerals


In this section of the website the intention is to give you the opportunity to consider some options you might not have considered before. Perhaps you did not know that these options were available, or you thought there was a ‘right’ way to conduct a funeral. In the 21st Century, the only ‘right way’ is ‘your way’. Please contact us to discuss any of the ideas you see here…or any ideas of your own. We are here to help.

Funeral services are no longer limited to the traditional church service or mass. There are now a huge variety of funeral celebrants operating from all religious viewpoints and none. They will work with you to produce a service that is meaningful to you, your family and friends. They will incorporate as little or as much ritual as you wish which may or may not have spiritual or religious significance. You can incorporate poems, readings or songs that mean something to you and you can participate in the service itself as much or as little as you wish.

  • If you belong to a particular religious tradition, whether Muslim, Jewish. Hindu. Buddhist, Sikh, or Baha’i, please get in touch to discuss your needs. We have expertise in most religious traditions and can accommodate most requests.
  • If you have no religious beliefs at all, we work with a number of Humanist celebrants who will work with you to devise a service that celebrates the life of your loved one without reference to God or beliefs about life after death.
  • For those who follow a Pagan path we can help you to find an appropriate celebrant or work with one who is already known to you to create a farewell that incorporates your traditions and beliefs. You may wish to visit the Pagan Federation for more information and advice. We also work closely with Dorothy-Ann Ross, a Wiccan celebrant who would work in conjunction with you to design a service which reflects the personality and beliefs of your loved one. Dorothy-Anne is a qualified hypnotherapist and works with a number of alternative therapies including colour therapy, reiki and psychic awareness. She has experience of working with the terminally ill and recently bereaved as well as arranging and conducting funerals for the Pagan community.
  • For those who have spiritual beliefs or inclinations and do not want a service which excludes God or the Divine completely, but who do not belong to a particular faith we work closely with the Rev. George Callander of the UK Open Free Church.George has worked with many of our families all of whom have been delighted with the personal touch he brought to the services he designed in consultation with them.

As you will see from the information contained on this website, there is a huge amount of choice available to you with regard to transport to the funeral, ways of personalising the service itself, and ways to create a fitting memorial to your loved one after the funeral is over. We hope that this website might give you some ideas or inspire you to create your own unique funeral, either for a loved one, or to plan your own funeral so that you say goodbye the way you choose to. There are other things not mentioned elsewhere on this site that you might not have considered. These include, but are certainly not limited to:In addition, we can also provide:

  • One or more doves released at the funeral with an appropriate reading
  • Chinese lanterns released at a memorial party or gathering;
  • Garden sculptures or picture frames containing the cremated remains of your loved one
  • Cremated remains incorporated into a shotgun cartridge for a final ‘salute’ at the funeral or memorial gathering
  • A Viking fire ship containing cremated remains released on the sea or in a lake

When it comes to a modern funeral there really are only two rules: it must comply with national and regional law and regulations and it must be what you want and feel comfortable with. Apart from that the sky is the limit…quite literally! Whatever you are considering please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to Keith or Jenny. We will spend as much time as you need talking about your ideas and wishes and we won’t charge you for our advice.