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Our Payment Terms


We will provide an estimate of the total cost of the funeral at the time of the arrangements. We will ask you to pay the disbursements plus a proportion of our fees prior to the funeral and this must be received before the funeral takes place. If you choose to settle the full account prior to the funeral there will be a concession of £100 (this does not apply to the ‘No Fuss’ or ‘Simple Goodbye’ funerals, which must be fully paid prior to the funeral taking place). Where possible, settlement is requested within 14 days of the invoice date but please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns with us. You will be asked to confirm with the funeral director how you intend to pay for the funeral during the arrangements and you will be asked to sign an arrangement form confirming that you accept financial responsibility for the funeral. If you make an application to the DWP for financial support and the application is unsuccessful it is important that you understand you will still be financially liable for the cost of the funeral. Please be aware that if you default on payments arranged with us, we reserve the right to pass your details to our accounts management partners and to recover from you any expenses that we incur in this process.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as direct cash transfer. Our advice is always free. Please discuss and concerns or queries with us.