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Prices Can Be A Struggle, Which Is Why We Have Introduced Low Cost Funerals


Many people now, for a variety of reasons, are choosing to arrange low cost funerals. This may be because of budgeting restraints or because they prefer to hold a memorial event in a meaningful location at a later date.

To meet this need, we offer two funerals at a very low price

£ 3,072*

Including disbursements

*£100 discount for early payment

A Simple Elegance

A simple but meaningful cremation service with Mercedes Hearse


£ 2,542

Including disbursements

A Simple Goodbye

A simple but dignified cremation service with estate car


£ 1,537

Including disbursements

A Funeral with No Fuss

Sometimes referred to as ‘Direct Cremation'


They each come with the guarantee of our usual outstanding levels of service and of care and respect. While these may be cheap, we believe they represent excellent value for money.

A Simple Elegance

This service is designed to offer a simple and dignified funeral at an affordable price and is only available for cremation funerals.

The cost includes a simple light oak veneer coffin with gold effect handles, collection of the deceased from a local hospital, daily care of the deceased, transportation of the deceased from our Darlington premises to the crematorium on the day of the funeral in a Mercedes Hearse and a funeral service conducted by a Minister or Celebrant. It also includes access to the Chapel of Rest in Darlington, by appointment, between 9am and 7pm on weekdays and between 10am and 2pm at weekends.

Please see the full price list for an explanation of what is included under ‘Professional Services’ and ‘Daily Care of the Deceased.’

Usually with the Simple Elegance the family would meet at the crematorium, however it is possible to arrange for the hearse to leave from a family address for an additional cost of £100.

Funeral Director’s Charges

Professional Services £460
Care of the Deceased (Including Mercedes Hearse and necessary staff on the day of the funeral) £1,200 if hearse leaves from a family address £1,100
Simple Coffin (Light Oak Veneered Coffin with Polished Gold Effect Handles) £275
Bringing the deceased into our care

*Cost dependent on time of day and location

Disbursements (Paid by us on your behalf)
Cremation Fee (Darlington) £955
Doctors Fee £82
Minister/Celebrant’s Fee £200
Total £3,172
Total (with £100 discount for early payment) £3,072

A Funeral with No Fuss

We ask for full payment prior to the date of the funeral for this service.

This service is designed for people who would prefer not to hold a traditional funeral at all, perhaps choosing instead to hold a memorial event at a later date. We will provide a cheap, nofuss funeral that does not compromise on our usual high standards of care and respect. You will often see this type of service referred to as ‘direct cremation

The cost includes a simple light oak veneer coffin, collection of the person who has died from a local hospital, daily care, transportation from our premises to Darlington crematorium on the day of the cremation in an estate car at a time convenient for us. We will collect the cremated remains from the crematorium and return them to you.

Unlike many Funeral companies that offer direct cremation, we believe that it is very important that families are able to visit the person that has died in our chapel if they wish to, and so the price of this service also includes visits to the chapel by arrangement as often as you wish.

Please note that there will be an additional charge of £180.00 for collection of the deceased from an address other than a local hospital.

In addition to this we may charge for travel outside the Darlington area. The amount will be agreed in advance with the family depending on distance.

If cremated remains are to be sent by courier to an address within the UK there will be a charge of £125

In the event that extra bearers are required due to the weight of the coffin we reserve the right to make a surcharge of £100.

Please be clear that this service is for cremation at a time of our choosing with no service and no family present.

Funeral Director’s Charges

Professional Services £700
Disbursements (Paid by us on your behalf)
Cremation Fee (Darlington) £755
Doctors Fee £82
Total £1,537

If you have any questions about these Services, please feel free to contact Keith or Jenny to discuss further.

Saint and Forster Funeral Directors Ltd
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