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Start Saving The Planet With A Green Funeral


‘Green’ funerals have become increasingly popular over the last few years. People have many different reasons for choosing a Green funeral. For some the motivation is ecological; a desire to leave as little impression on the environment or to consume as little energy as possible. For others, their reasons may be religious or spiritual, or purely the desire to be buried in beautiful natural surroundings. Whatever your reasons for considering a Green funeral we can help.

‘Green’ funerals mean different things to different people. For some, it is as simple as a coffin made of easily biodegradable material; to others it means burial in a natural burial ground with no external memorial. Whatever you are considering please get in touch and we will be able to give you all the help and advice you need. We can also give advice on other aspects which may be of interest such as and memorials suitable for some natural burial grounds (some do not allow flowers or memorials at all). We can even give you advice if you wish to be buried with your pet.

We can supply a wide range of environmentally friendly coffins and cremated remains urns and caskets. We can also supply biodegradable containers suitable for burying cremated remains in a natural burial ground or placing them in the sea or a river. If you wish, we can offer a ‘green’ pre-paid funeral plan, fully accredited by the Association of Green funeral Directors.

We work with four natural burial grounds in the local area.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss any aspect of planning or arranging a ‘Green’ funeral. Our advice is free.