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Plan Your Funeral List


Traditionally people are very reluctant to think about their own funeral. This is perfectly understandable as none of us like to consider our own mortality. However, the result of this is that when the inevitable does happen, family and friends are often left guessing. At a time when they may be dealing with grief as well as the legal issues surrounding the bereavement, relatives are also trying to devise funeral arrangements which they hope are what you would have wanted. Decisions may be made in a rush and regretted later. We have known situations when the family arranging the funeral did not know if the deceased would have preferred burial or cremation.

In our experience more and more people are starting to think about what they would like to happen at their funeral. In particular, where people prefer to be cremated, more and more people are thinking about what they would like to happen to their cremated remains afterwards; and there is now a huge range of possibilities. However, too often these thoughts are not shared with families and so cannot be put into action. Funerals are not only for the person who has died, but also for the ones left behind. Planning your funeral with your family at a time when you are fit and healthy can be a good way of bringing a family together and getting people talking. It can be quite surprising what you find out about someone that you didn’t know before. It also means that when the time does come, your family can find some comfort in the fact that they know they are giving you the send off you wanted.

In order to make this process easier, we have devised a funeral ‘Wish List’. We expect that in the coming years this will become a normal part of a family’s legal and personal documentation. The idea is that where possible the list is completed in consultation with your family at a time when you are fit and healthy and then filed away until it is needed at which point it can be used by your family or simply handed to your chosen funeral director. It can also be kept up to date and altered if your wishes, ideas or beliefs change. The Wish List is a detailed plan of what you would like to happen before, during and after your funeral.

The Wish List is available from us at no charge so that you can use it to discuss what you would like to happen with your family who can then use it to arrange your funeral after your death. The Wish List can also be used in conjunction with a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Alternatively we can provide a funeral planning service. You and as many family members as you wish come to our office, or if you prefer, one of our directors will visit you in your home. This can be done at any time during your life, hopefully many years before the plan will be needed. We will help you to complete your Wish List and talk through the many options available to you in detail. We will also provide full details and contact information for any organisations that might be appropriate.