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For the majority of our traditional funerals we use the Silver Mercedes fleet. We will arrange for the hearse, along with however many limousines you require, to collect you from your home and take you to the place of the funeral and then, if required, to a further destination of your choice. If you require something a little more stylish we can arrange for a Rolls Royce fleet instead. Some families are choosing not to go straight to the place of the funeral, but instead to take a longer route which has special significance to the person who has passed away, perhaps pausing for a while at places that had a special meaning for them. If this is something you would like to consider, or to discuss your requirements in detail, please give us a call and speak to Keith or Jenny.

Increasingly, many people are choosing not to use a hearse at all but are choosing instead to use a vehicle that had particular significance to the deceased. We work with a number of companies that can provide almost any form of transport you could imagine. It is possible for people to make their final journey in a motorcycle ‘Hearse Trike’; in a specially modified VW Camper Van; on the back of a Leyland Beaver 1950s lorry; in a horse-drawn hearse, or almost anything else you care to think of. If you wish to provide transportation for the coffin yourself this is also fine, as long as the vehicle is big enough and it is possible for the coffin to be properly secured. To discuss any of these options, or to see what else we might be able to offer, please get in touch.