Quackula takes a break

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Quackula was delighted to discover yesterday that he can take a breather from all the training he has been doing and let his feathers down for a while with his friends. The Starr Radio duckrace has been postponed because high water levels in the River Skerne mean that it might not be safe to race this Sunday. Quackula is a little perplexed by this news…surely more water means he will go faster? He is not getting his feathers ruffled over it though…it just means that he has a bit of ‘down time’ with his friends.

He is really getting into the spirit of it though…enjoying himself with his trusty side-quack Renfield and his new friends Colourful Clifford and Little Cliff  the memory Bear and Journey Bear from Colourful Coffins. It looks like Little Cliff might have been getting just a little bit too high spirited!

Quackula is enjoying his favourite tipple and looking forward to when he will be a ‘Famous Duck’ when he wins the Duck Race on Sunday 1st July at the Starr Radio Family Funday in South Park. It looks like he is already taking to fame like a duck to water though, as he was recently mentioned in the Guardian! Wow, it looks like there really is no stopping him.

Good luck, Quackula, from Renfield and all your friends at Saint and Forster Funeral Directors! Cheers!!


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