In these days when families and friends are often spread over wide distances, with several family members maybe even living or working abroad, it is not always possible for every one who wishes to be able to attend a funeral.

With this in mind we are able to provide a discrete and respectful photography or video service. We can produce still photographs; a video recording of the funeral itself or a montage of still photographs, video footage and music. This can incorporate some of your own family photographs if you wish. In this way, friends and family members who were not present at the funeral will be able to feel included in the final farewell.

We can present the photographs or video in a variety of formats depending on your requirements. We can provide a photo album, or a disc containing pictures and video. Alternatively we can provide you with a unique password to give to friends and family which will allow them to view the images or video online. You can feel secure that no-one will be able to access the images unless you have chosen to give them the necessary pass codes.

As professionals in the fields of photography, video and funeral services, you can be absolutely confident of the quality of the service we provide, and that our services will be carried out with the utmost respect and discretion.