In Victorian times many people commemorated their loved ones with ‘mourning jewellery’, usually made out of jet and often incorporating some hair taken from the person who had died. In the 21st Century memorial jewellery is making a big come back…but in a very different form. There are a number of companies who will incorporate some of the cremated remains, or a finger or hand print into a contemporary and beautiful piece of jewellery.

Many people find that by wearing this jewellery they receive some comfort and feel that their loved one is still close to them. Where cremated remains are used, only a small amount is needed and any that is not used will be returned to you. If you wish we can deal with any of these companies on your behalf.

Some examples are given below, but if you have an enquiry about something you do not see here please get in touch…we may be able to help.

Eternity Crystal and Ashes into Glass will take a small portion of cremated remains and transform them into beautiful crystal glass jewellery set in solid silver or gold. The crystals come in a variety of colours.  Alternatively they can incorporate the cremated remains into beautiful ‘paperweights’. Eternity Crystal will allow you to watch the process if you wish to and will undertake specific commissions if they can. They can now also incorporate hair into a piece of jewellery if you prefer this.

The Lasting Impression Company is a local company which will produce silver jewellery based around a finger print or hand print taken from your loved one. Unlike larger companies offering a similar service, every piece is hand made and hand polished and the fingerprint is made directly onto the silver not from a cast…so you know that the jewellery you have bears the actual fingerprint of your loved one.  A variety of different items are available and if you wish Ali will come out to your home to discuss your wishes with you. She also offers this service for pets.

Phoenix-Diamonds and Life Gem will take some cremated remains (or hair if your loved one is going to be buried) and transform them into a genuine diamond. They produce diamonds in a range of colours and sizes. Phoenix-Diamonds also produce glass jewellery and wind chimes  and a range of other keepsakes.