We are pleased to work with a number of excellent local florists and, if you wish, we can arrange the floral tributes on your behalf. Our main suppliers are:

Claire Metcalfe www.clairemetcalfedarlington.co.uk

The Floral Box www.floralbox.co.uk

Opulent Flowers www.opulentflowers.co.uk

Barrington Flowers www.barringtonflowers.co.uk

Barrington Flowers will also arrange for a consultation in your home if you wish. They also provide floral tributes for graves and memorials designed for specific occasions such as Christmas and Mother’s Day.

The type of floral arrangement you choose will depend on your relationship with the deceased and on the type of funeral being held. We can talk you through a number of options from a simple posy to ‘floral sculptures’.

We can arrange for floral tributes to be delivered to us from your chosen florist on the day of the funeral and transported with your loved one to the place where the funeral is to be held.

If you choose not to have flowers but would prefer to make a donation to a charity instead, we can arrange for a collection to be taken at the funeral and the donation to be made to the charity on your behalf.

For more information please contact us and speak to Keith or Jenny.