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In 2011, Keith Munt and Jenny Uzzell established Saint and Forster Funeral Directors Ltd. Keith has over 21 years’ experience in the funeral service and had been looking for an opportunity to put his ideas about a truly ‘bespoke’ funeral service into practice. Keith sees the future of the funeral service as being very much about personal choices and giving control of the funeral to the family and friends of the person who has died.

Keith and Jenny are passionate about their vision of providing a complete funeral service at reasonable and ethical prices, without compromising on excellent and personal service that puts you at the centre of the process every step of the way. They will tailor make a funeral that celebrates the life of your loved one in the way that means the most to you, however simple, elaborate or unusual that may be.

Our promise to you is simple...the care and understanding you will receive from us when arranging a funeral will come not only from our training, but also from our personal experience of having lost loved ones.

Low Cost Funerals

Many people now, for a variety of reasons, are choosing to arrange low cost funerals. This may be because of budgeting restraints or because they prefer to hold a memorial event in a meaningful location at a later date.
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Traditional Funerals

For those who are looking for a ‘traditional’ funeral we offer a number of options to suit all tastes and budgets. We will take time to listen to what you want and we will never try to pressure you into buying things that you don’t want or need. We will work alongside you to create the tailor made funeral that celebrates the life of your loved one.
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Alternative Funerals

These days more and more people are moving away from traditional funerals and going for more individual services that reflect the life and achievements of the person who has died. If you want something a little bit out of the ordinary then this could be just what you have been looking for.
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At Saint and Forster we aim to create a modern funeral service for the 21st Century. However we still hold dear the traditional values of caring, service and trust so you can be confident that you are in safe hands.

What We Promise To Do For You

The care and understanding you will receive from us comes not only from our training, but also from our personal experience of having lost those who are dear to us.

From the moment you walk into our office or pick up the phone we will be with you every step of the way so that you get exactly what you want. We want you to feel comfortable in calling us at any time of the day or night for reassurance, help or advice. We will guide you through the things that you need to do when somebody dies and make sure that you know about all of the options that are available to you when it comes to celebrating a life.

You are welcome to visit our offices, or ask us to come and visit you in your home, if you need help or advice about a funeral now or in the future. We are more than willing to provide any information you need without obligation.

We are completely transparent in our quotations and pricing so you will always know exactly what you are paying for and how much it will cost. We will never try to pressure you into buying things you don’t want or need.

It is our aim that you will always feel that it is you who is ‘in the driving seat’ and we hope that while your loved one is in our care you will feel that our offices become almost like an extension to your home. We will help you to plan the funeral you really want without making you feel rushed or pressured. In everything we do we will try to live up to our motto…’Funeral Care…Your Way’.

What Makes Us Different From A National Corporation

Unlike national corporations we, as an independent funeral director, answer to you and only you. We are not under pressure to produce large profits for the benefit of shareholders, and we do not have to follow company policy or directives. This means we can be as flexible as we need to be. We will always treat you as we would expect to be treated ourselves and we will make every funeral individual. No two people are the same so why should the funerals be?

Unlike a national corporation, independent funeral directors are not bound to particular suppliers. That means that we can provide you with any coffin you choose, from traditional wood or veneer to ‘green’ alternatives such as wicker or cardboard, or even something really out of the ordinary! We can also be very flexible and individual with our funeral arrangements. Rather than tying you down to a particular ‘package’ we can offer a genuine bespoke service.

Even if you want something a little unusual we can offer our help and advice and we will do our best to make it happen for you. Furthermore, because our overheads are comparatively low, we can afford to keep our prices low as well- giving you excellent value for money without compromising on quality or service.


Every funeral and every family is important to us. This means that we will give you all the time you need to think about your arrangements. We will talk you through all the decisions that have to be made and the options you have. Your needs will be our top priority and you will never be made to feel under pressure or rushed. We can also guarantee that you will deal with the same person throughout. The person you talk to about the funeral arrangements will be the same person who conducts the funeral and you will be able to speak to them at any point.

As an independent funeral director, we are an important part of the local community. We take great pride in our reputation for meticulous and professional service. If we don’t get it right you will let us know-so it is vital to us that we exceed your expectations-every time.

If you would like any more information about arranging a funeral or any of the other services we provide, please give us a call and speak to Keith or Jenny.

  • The funeral service is going to change a great deal in the next couple of decades. People are rightly demanding greater transparency and more choice and control than has been the case in the past. At Saint and Forster that is exactly what we set out to give you. We will make you aware of the choices available to you at every step of the way. We will never try to pressure you into buying something you don’t want or need, but we will do our very best to turn whatever you do want into a reality for you. We realise what a difficult time this is, but we aim to make it as easy and meaningful as possible, so that you will be able to look back on the funeral as a celebration of a life well lived.

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Keith Munt
Keith is the owner and Co-Director of Saint and Forster Funeral Directors Ltd. He has 21 years experience of working in the funeral service in the Darlington area. Keith entered the profession because he wanted to be able to make a real difference to people at one of the most difficult times in their lives and at Saint and Forster he believes that he has found the perfect opportunity to make his vision into a reality. Keith has been awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) for Saint and Forster’s honest and innovative approach to the funeral service.



Jenny Uzzell
If you phone Saint and Forster you may find yourself speaking to Jenny Uzzell, Co-Director and Office Manager. Jenny is Keith’s partner and left teaching a few years ago to become involved in the company. Jenny has over 20 years experience as an RE teacher and Head of Department and is an expert in World Religions having gained an MA from the  University of Wales in Lampeter. She is hoping to begin working on a PhD in the use of ritual in contemporary funeral services with the University of Durham later this year. As well as her role at Saint and Forster, Jenny is a Senior Examiner and runs a Religious Educational Consultancy Business. She’s recently contributed an article to ’Naming the Goddess’ due to be published by Moon Books in 2014. Jenny oversees much of the admin and PA work at Saint and Forster and is learning all aspects of the business. She very much enjoys being able to help people when it matters the most.


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